Asking the right questions?…

Through hardship and persistence…
Wise, though fun and easy-going

In line with Ricardo Semler's pillars of Love, Openness & Trust.

Because with more than 20 years of technical & creative experience, I currently design and develop DAMN GOOD software, while, during the corona crisis, I'm back in my home country (The Netherlands), after having broadened my horizons by traveling and working from abroad in the past 7 years. With this I have found a nice balance by which I enjoy an ideal living/working condition, because…

We run on the equivalent of a 12-watt light bulb and so the pitfall is that we might be so busy with being busy, that we don't notice that, actually, that isn't fun and/so not productive either.
So I only work when it comes naturally, so that I always enjoy the work I'm doing, because that makes everything easier and therefore more pleasant for everyone involved – simple and logical, right?

That's what I love

… And I wish you

Nothing less!

What I do? What are my capabilities?
More important than what I do is how I do what I do, which involves a different approach in many ways, which start from the ground up.
Never really having fitted in a box and always having remained to be a free thinker, my qualities are difficult to describe in a few lines of text.
However, they largely spiral around (in a reductionism/chaos-theory-kinda-way) the free thoughts similar to those of Ricardo Semler (here above), which basically comes down to something like this:
Fun is easy, so we should first make things fun.
Other than that, I hope to have a self-explanatory portfolio online soon, instead of this boring and even bad templated web page…
Because… Yeah, I love honesty too… 😏
As we say in Dutch; at the plumber the tap leaks…

Well… I have been in places that don't even have taps (and so neither leaks (note the deep metaphorical paradox here))… Maybe that's similar to this webpage, at this moment…

Please bare with me, meanwhile, but here's some of the stuff I've actually done and/or still do…
(and more — hope you like surprises!)

Dutch ministry of defence

WordPress & WooCommerce plugins

Web 3D en customization

Laravel Websites and Applications

API integrations

Live Streaming Services

Bjorn delivered a fantastic job in the short time. Communicative very strong and keeps you informed of developments. Very satisfied!
quality, deadline, communication & flexbility

Jeroen Dekkers

Absolutely fine, pure blood craftsmanship.
quality, deadline, communication & flexbility

Luit van Hunenstijn

I have worked with Bjorn on a couple of projects and found him to be an innovative thinker. He is very good in analyzing an issue from different perspective and providing technical options and answers for possible implementation and resolution. He has also got a great can-do attitude and a good disposition which makes working with him easy and productive.
quality, deadline, communication & flexbility

Keith Roberts

Bjorn is a professional, reliable, creative and thinks outside the box. These qualities allow him to, very well, map ideas and business requirements into real solutions. I highly valued Bjorn in my projects.
quality, deadline, communication & flexbility

Horst Fahr

Working with Bjorn has been quite a great experience. He always manages to impress me with his great technical skills and his deep interest in making things work. He is a great team-member, always willing to volunteer for the task, and delivers great results, on time. However, he does not need micro-managing as he is quite capable of leading the pack as well. The thing that makes working with Bjorn a joy as well, is that he has a happy and joyfull personality. He is fit and has an attitude of comraderie with others. He always manages to do whatever what was needed - and beyond - with great intrest. He is tackle though situations and make them seem like fun. A great resource and a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend him.
quality, deadline, communication & flexbility

Gayle Michel

Are you curious and/or have you ever heard about me (or my work)? Please feel free to contact me and we will find out if we find that click.

Or continue reading through the boring self-sale talk a little further…

Bjorn aka B

"Creativity is more important than knowledge""We cannot solve problems by the same way of thinking as to when we created them""The important thing is to not stop questioning" – Albert Einstein

I am widely interested, eager to learn and (not only) my (multimedia) background has given me a good dose of creativity and imagination. Creative and not just accepting what is, I usually do the craziest things for my customers, beyond their wildest dreams.

I grew up in the audiovisual company of my family, built a computer hardware interface at TU Delft at 10 years old and wrote software for it in Basic and Assembler, but also made 3D animations and video productions for the company of my family, often also programming effects and tools for that purpose.

My modus operandi: "Relax, Think, Do; Nothing's impossible!"
So… does that mean that "nothing" is not possible?… *sigh*

40 years. More than 20 years of experience. You usually find me on a mountain, in the gym or somewhere behind my laptop.

Low-level software

High-level software


Multimedia (Technical & Design)

Linux (Server)

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