Intelligent the same as Wise?…

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – Lucas 6:31
With strenuous effort and dedication…

A Wise organisation, yet easy-going and relaxed

Because we are currently developing DAMNGOOD software in a GDPR compliant way in Chiang Mai, which is how we enjoy an ideal living/working condition while supporting the local population, simply by being everywhere we go. So we have developed a responsible and enjoyable lifestyle, in harmony with local cultures, without losing our own identity. With that, we only work when the motivation comes naturally, so that we always enjoy the thing we do, which makes everything more pleasant for everyone involved — simple and logical, right?

That's the way we like things!

What we do? With who?
Elegant & Unique
Never so easy

By taking more than 5 years to seek the ideal living conditions for a clear mind, we have found the formula.

Different perspective
Novel is always simple

What if the average lifestyle limits our wisdom and happiness? Then wouldn't we be busy fooling ourselves in being intelligent? Our suspicion; Yes…

Cost efficient
Real innovation is holistic

Put wise heads in a less rich environment and you reduce costs, increase the quality of life and automatically work socially responsible too.

A present
Implicates a surprise

So are you prepared to hear that it can be done more efficiently than you expected? Then what are you waiting for? Get in touch!

So we not only sell high quality and cost efficient offshoring in web and software development.

We actually really do it!
And more…

The popular names we work with…

… But much more, because popular is not always best!

B /Bi/ (Bjorn Padding):

"Creativity is more important than knowledge""We cannot solve problems by the same way of thinking as to when we created them""The important thing is to not stop questioning" — Albert Einstein

B is widely interested, eager to learn, thinks through, eloquent and (not only) his (multimedia) background gave him a good dose of imagination. He is creative and does not just accept what is, if he believes it can be done better.

B grew up in an audiovisual company at home, built a computer hardware interface at TU Delft at 10 years old and wrote software for it in Basic and Assembler. He has been compiling Linux kernels since he's 16 and he now wants to create his own OS.

His motto: "Doing is learning and nothing is impossible!…"
So… Does that mean that "nothing" is not possible?… *sigh*

39 years old. More than 20 years experience. You can usually find B DJ-ing, on a mountain, in the gym, or somewhere behind his laptop.

Low-level software (target: 100%)

High-level software


Multimedia (Technical & Design)

Linux (Server)

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